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Pre Or Post Protein Catch? A Comprehensive Outlook

nutritionIt is hard to deny the role of Protein supplements in our diet. An advertisement of a protein supplement reminds us the athletes and bodybuilders who regularly work out in the gym to maintain their health. Truly, common people like us deny the importance of proteins in our diet. There has been a debate for ages, regarding the use of proteins before or after the physical exercise. Though it is hard to pin down exactly, much scientific researches showed that’s a post-work out sport shake greatly increase the muscle tone and enhances the performance. Visit to know the healthy living rules of today’s Science.

Pre-work out or post workout? Still confused? Let us look into some facts what the researchers say about this! A pre-workout protein shake fuels the muscles and makes it ready to perform various rigorous activities. Supplementing protein before the exercise directly reaches the blood stream to get picked by your muscles easily. It has faster absorption, especially when taken early mornings before gym performance.

The key mechanism behind this is that, exercise catalyze to break down the amino acids faster, so that the muscles uptake the energy molecules for the exercise. The protein synthesis occurs and pumps the molecules to get scattered throughout the blood, making it available for muscles. According to another study, the specific Whey protein is far beneficial for the weight loss management. If taken before the exercise, it sheds the fat and trims the body to optimum levels. Although the exact cause of fat shedding is unknown with the Whey, the increased metabolic activity with the Whey is reasonably accepted by the athletes and bodybuilders.

While taking a protein powder after the exercise benefits the muscle tear and atrophy, it is considerably less effective, according to many gym-goers. When compared to the carryover effect it gives when taken before, it is safe and advisable to have before the session. Not only that, the muscle protein synthesis is enhanced and this will prevent the muscular atrophy before it happens to us. So, why to give a thought! Prevention is better than cure, as the proverb says.

If you ingest prior to your exercise, you develop an extremely toned physique. Moreover, the post catabolic effects in the muscles are reduced with a kick start protein shake. On the contrary, some suggest proteins be taken after the session to combat fatigue. There is no such rule that you should not do it. After all, it is the pure personal choice to add or remove any component from your diet. If it can aid the fast recovery of cells, go for it.

When you strike the training floor, the need for a post workout plan is essential only to an endurance athlete. The more the resistance training the larger would be your carbohydrate consumption. You don’t have to worry about your calorie or fat intake in case of resistance training. It is also advisable to have a protein supplement before and after the sessions to meet the needs of rigorous training.