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Points To Check While Getting A Remote Car Starter

If you haven’t yet got a remote car starter for your car, you should consider buying it soon as it one of the best car accessories you could ever own. It makes your car more secure and helps you to manage the car settings from wherever you are sitting without the need to get up each time and go near it. The remote car starter reviews from millions of satisfied users also state that life has been made much more simple for them with the help of remote car starters. Recently, had also published an article about the growing popularity of remote car starters among car users.

Remote car starters make managing car operations much easier for you. If you are rushing upstairs to your meeting at the office and realised that you had forgotten to lock the car doors, there is no need to rush back downstairs. You could easily lock your car using remote car starters. Similarly, you can easily warm up or cool down the interiors of the cars sitting in your home or office making it ready for your ride. Another issue which many of us face is that we often forget to close the windows while we get out of the car. No need to go back to the car to close it; just a click on the remote car starter will ensure all the windows are closed.

Here are some points to consider while buying a remote car starter:

Range Of Transmitters

Various transmitters have different distance ranges. While at home, the transmitter range won’t be an issue as usually the car will be parked in your car parking lot and you could easily control it within a short distance sitting at your home. But, you are not always sitting at home. You go to the office, to the movies, visit shopping malls, etc. In such cases, you would need longer transmission range. Get a remote car starter with an optimum transmission range according to your needs. There are car starters with ranges from shorter ranges of 100 feet to longer ranges like a mile. Pick the one that suits you.

Presence Of Engine Speed Sensing

Always check whether the remote car starter you buy has the engine speed sensing technology installed in it. It is one of the crucial elements needed in a car starter remote. If the engine speed sensing is not present in your remote, then it won’t be able to know whether the engine has started or not. Sometimes, the engine might not start and your car would be freezing when you enter the car. The engine can get flooded or may get burned out due to the absence of engine speed sensor. Engine speed sensor detects over-rev of the engine and shuts it off automatically preventing possible damage.

Additional Features

Besides the above-mentioned features, you could select remote car starters with many other additional features that make life easier for you. You could select keyless entry remotes which make it easier to lock and unlock the doors using remotes. You could select a remote with hood safety *switch. This switch makes sure that the engine does not start if the hood is open. Some remotes could be used to start the rear windshield heaters. Alarm alerts can also be added to the remote as an extra security feature