Slimming Secrets You Have Always Wanted To Know

Slimming Secrets

Bollywood stars know how to keep themselves in shape. You must have watched them swirling through the screens with such impressive figures and style. This goes for both heroes as well as heroines. One question almost anyone who has watched Hindi movies would be: -What are the most important points in hema malini beauty rituals? She is such a gorgeous lady who manages to look stunning in any outfit she wears. has so many beauty tips that will give you more than enough inspiration.

Let’s take a look at the secrets of some of the popular stars in Bollywood

Akshay Kumar
The fitness freak! He is simply awesome in the way he maintains his perfect body. He sticks to a natural way of getting fit. Eating healthy, no drinks, lots of outdoor activities. The favorite in his list is martial arts, Parkour and functional training. His best tip is to have an early dinner. Eating before sunset promises great results.

Shilpa Shetty
Another yummy mum. She believes that yoga is the perfect way to achieve a perfect body. According to her, new mums should spare at least one hour to devote themselves to yoga. This would help to tone up the body and get back into shape. Along with yoga, Shilpa engages in cardio and strength training as well.

Sonam kapoor
Swimming and pilates contribute to the slender figure that makes Sonam so glamorous. Pilates enhances muscular strength and flexibility.It also provides better posture and balance to the body. Sonam advises not to stick to a particular routine and to give the body challenges by changing the routine frequently.

Mallika Sherawat
Mallika opts for the all Vegan diet. She works hard to maintain her figure by avoiding meat, eggs and dairy products. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables is her secret tip. Also together with this, she follows a strict regime of kickboxing.

Hrithik Roshan
The Bang Bang hero has never failed to impress his fans with his muscular body. A look at his body is more than enough to know how hard he works to maintain his abs. Lately, he has trained under Kris Gethin, and together they created a miracle. Hrithik lost 10 kilos in 10 weeks! His diet consisted of broccoli, spinach, sprouts, a cup of pasta or rice. He was allowed to have only 100 gms of meat. The workouts were intense and packed with the cross fit as well as weight training.

From all the above examples, it is obvious that to get a great body, hard work, willpower and determination. Once you start the regime, what matters is how consistently you follow it. Most people start with great plans, only to stop a week later. Beauty comes with hard work. If you are ready to make time for one hour of exercise combined with a healthy diet, the results will show. Not only will you look terrific, but you will also feel the glow inwards. The confidence you get will be unbelievable.

Achieve the unattainable with strong determination and patience!