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Understanding Your Pond Pumps and the Different Varieties


Part of getting the right pond pump for your pond is understanding the different types of Pond Pump USA that are there and which one of them would be ideal for your kind of use. Just like any other kind of appliance, there are different kinds of pond pumps each with unique specifications and designed to accomplish or service a given set of needs. This is why it is important for you to know the kind of pump that you would like to buy and if not, then the needs that you would want it accomplish. This would be a great way to be able to pick the right tool for the right job.

Feature pond pumps.

These are not very common in the market and make up about 5% of the pond pump USA market. As the name suggests, they are designed to service water features or pond side ornaments like a spitter. Because they do not have large requirements, they are relatively inexpensive and are low powered. Their only requirement is the ability to draw water from a shallow reservoir and pump it up the feature. If you are working on a shoe string budget, the fountain pond pumps might also do the trick.

Fountain pumps.

Considering that fountains are becoming a more common occurrence in most homes and business premises, it is no wonder that the fountain pumps make up 25% of the pond pump market and is the one kind of pump that most people might be familiar with. They are designed to create a decorative display but in cases of lack of a better option or in case your main pump breaks down, this can also be used temporarily to maintain the water flow for a pond filtration system. Keep in mind that this should only be temporary.

Filter pumps.

They make up a staggering 60% of the pond pump market and this is because in most cases they are considered the main pump and also the engine that keeps the water in your pond flowing 24/7. Despite the fact that they are expected to run through-out for long periods of time, great strides in the industry have ensured that they are able to work more efficiently on a yearly basis. You can tell by the long warranties that come with the filter pumps.

High pressure pond pumps.

These make up 5% of the pond pump market and this is only so because they are not designed to be specific or run for the long periods that filter pumps can handle. However, they pack a punch when it comes high flow rates and most of them feature a float switch. This is a device that allows the pond pump USA to switch itself off if the level of water drops to a shallow level.
They can also be a great back up in case of an emergency and more so because they are not expensive.

Dry mounted pond pumps.

These are also not very common and make up about 5% or less of the pond pump market. They can be run dry hence they are easier to maintain and also to position. They are most applicable in Koi ponds.

It should be much easier for you to identify the type of pump that will work best for you and more so because you now know which one does what. You will also be able to get the best possible results as you go along because of making the right choices.