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All There Is To Know About Shredding


Shredding is a term used for the destruction of unwanted or waste materials. It is commonly associated with paper or document destruction but many other materials including tapes, cassettes, disks, computers, etc. are also shredded. Any sensitive material that is no more of importance is best shredded for security sake.

Shredding is done in three main ways – Shearing, Tearing and Fracturing.

Shearing involves the cutting of materials into pieces. It depends on how sharp the cutting edges of the tool used are. The tolerance between the cutting edges also affects shearing. The method is mainly used in the destruction of papers and documents.

Tearing is the pulling apart of materials. Certain materials are better torn or pulled apart to destroy them than sheared or fractured. Such materials include plastics, soft metals, fabrics, and tires.

Fracturing is the method used for destroying or reducing brittle materials like glass, hard plastics, and some metals. Shredders with blunt and loose cutters tend to shatter or break materials in an explosive manner.

When a shredder is working all three reduction action take place, but shearing is the most efficient and dominant of all, especially when the cutters are kept sharp and the tolerance interval is maintained.

Materials that can be shredded include ductile materials (rubber, cloth, soft plastics, papers, soft metals, cardboard etc.) and friable materials (cast metals, stone, hard plastics, glass, wood etc.). Many other materials are shredded that do not fall into the types mentioned above.

To efficiently use a shredder, it should not be forced to shred more than it can accommodate. There are various shredder types for different purposes and for handling a variety of materials. The two main types are electric and hydraulic shredders. Electric shredders occupy less space and are easier to handle. Their maintenance is easier and cheaper as well. They are used for simple shredding jobs.

For heavy duty jobs, the hydraulic shredder is the better and more efficient.

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