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Maxi-Dress: A Timeless Elegance


The long summer days are almost at an end. But, the fashion trend that swept many off their feet this summer is yet to fade into the sunset. Yes, the cool and casual maxi dresses which were the rage amongst the ladies all over the world are yet to bid adieu. And if the fashion-mongers at the online magazine http://completefashion.org/ are to be believed, these long, elegant and curvy dresses are probably here to stay for a very long time.

To those of you who have missed this latest trend, a short recap. A maxi dress is a loose casual and comfortable ankle-length dress that often looks as if it is just on the verge of touching the floor. These cool and elegant dresses are figure-hugging at the top often kept in place with a neck or shoulder-straps. The beauty of this dress is in the way it flows from the waist downwards, swishing and swaying with each step a woman takes. The Maxi-dress can be made from almost any fabric, and comes in a variety of colors, patterns and designs. It has been long celebrated as a fashion essential for both the famous celebrities walking the Haute-Couture path as well as the chic and trendy women with a more down-to-earth and modest background.

The Maxi-dress has a long and glorious past. The Maxi-dress made its debut in 1968, when eminent fashion-designer Oscar de la Renta created a cotton and lace one for cosmetics queen Elizabeth Arden, and a picture of it was published in the New York Times. The British-Italian film Dr. Zhivago helped propel its fame even further, when it’s leading lady Julie Christie wore the long flowing dresses during the entire course of the romantic film. Other famous designers promptly joined the bandwagon.

After the 1970s, the Maxi-dress went out of fashion and was relegated to the dusty corners of faded memories. No-one bothered to remember it as an icon in the history of fashion. But recently the trend of wearing Maxi-dresses has seen resurgence, with many leading personalities lending their names to its label. Today, hardly a red-carpet event goes by without the maxi-dress being worn by one star or the other. And the designs keep getting better and extravagant than the previous years.

The maxi-dress is not just confined to the wardrobe of the rich and famous. Many ladies consider it as a staple item in their wardrobe. It is so versatile, that it can be easily worn to any social occasion, be it a wedding or just an evening out with friends. Today, the designs and fabrics used have greatly changed from those used decades ago. Today, the maxi-dresses are not just made from the traditional cotton and lace, but from a variety of fabrics like satin, silk etc.

This dress can be bought at almost any retail-store. One accessory that needs to have some serious thought put into it would be the type of footwear that would be appropriate for it. Be sure to wear the sandals or heels you plan to wear with the dress and check the length by trying the dress out before purchasing it.